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  • Dave Mustaine Disses a Fan

    Okay, so musicians are human and, if you've come across the popular Latin phrase, "Errare humanum est," you should know that "to err is human." Yet, I somehow can't accept this outburst by Dave Mustaine at Megadeth's concert in Manchester (June 5, 2013...

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  • The Dean Dave Mustaine Zero Angel of Deth II

    Today I got my Dean Guitars newsletter which said, "The Dean Dave Mustaine Zero Angel of Deth II has descended upon the guitar landscape with as much as anticipation as any guitar in recent history." Since it's their guitar we're talking about, it's no...

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  • Dave Mustaine - A Heavy Metal Memoir

    I was really curious about Dave’s memoir ever since I heard about it but I never got to ordering it until two months ago. When the hardcover copy arrived I was pleased to find it was the US (the original) version. This was kind of odd since we or...

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